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Bruker Training Courses Worldwide

Overview of all Bruker Corporation training courses in our wide range of Centers of Excellence


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Advanced Chemical CrystallographyMadison, WI, USAX-ray Analysis2020-10-27
High Resolution Diffraction (HRXRD)Madison, WI, USAX-ray Analysis2020-11-02
RMN bidimensionnelle appliquée aux petites moléculesWissembourg, FranceMagnetic Resonance2020-11-03
X-ray Reflectometry (XRR) and Gazing Incidence Diffraction (GID)Madison, WI, USAX-ray Analysis2020-11-04
S8 TIGER II with SPECTRA Plus V4 (with option for mapping)Madison, WI, USAX-ray Analysis2020-11-09
Advanced Application Chemical Crystallography (SC-XRD)Karlsruhe, GermanyX-ray Analysis2020-11-17
X-ray Powder Diffraction BasicsKarlsruhe, GermanyX-ray Analysis2020-11-23
Carbon & Sulfur by combustion Karlsruhe, GermanyElemental Analysis2020-11-23
CS, ONH, dH elemental analysisKarlsruhe, GermanyElemental Analysis2020-11-23
Quantitative Phase Analysis BasicsKarlsruhe, GermanyX-ray Analysis2020-11-25
ONH Inert Gas Fusion, diff. H by Hot Extraction Karlsruhe, GermanyElemental Analysis2020-11-25
Application Structural Biology (SC-XRD)Karlsruhe, GermanyX-ray Analysis2020-12-01
SPECTRA plus for S8 TIGER (XRF)Karlsruhe, GermanyX-ray Analysis2020-12-07
Powder Diffraction BasicsMadison, WI, USAX-ray Analysis2020-12-07
Quantitative X-ray Analysis BasicsMadison, WI, USAX-ray Analysis2020-12-09