Biographical Information

Kim Colson, Ph.D.
Business Development Manager
Bruker BioSpin
Billerica, MA USA

Kim Colson began her scientific and NMR career at Mount Holyoke College where she received a B.A. in chemistry. She continued her training in organic chemistry at The Pennsylvania State University where she received a Ph.D. with research focused on natural products structure elucidation and reaction dynamics using NMR spectroscopy.

After a postdoctoral position at Yale University in pharmacology she began a career in the pharmaceutical industry working as a NMR spectroscopist for Bristol-Myers Squibb and Burroughs Wellcome and worked on structure and mechanism of action of natural products, small synthetic molecules and proteins. To further develop her expertise in NMR she joined Bruker BioSpin in 1997 where she held roles as Applications Scientist and CryoProbe Product Manager before assuming her current role of Business Development Manager for Bruker BioSpin.  As Business Development Manager she is responsible for expanding the utility of NMR to non-traditional NMR users through the development of new applications, new software and new hardware.  Most recently, her group has been focused on natural products, metabolomics, dietary supplements and nutraceuticals, and environmetal science. From these efforts the fully customizable automated material screening software, Assure-RMS, was developed and applications to natural products, dietary supplements, metabolomics, polymers, and pharmaceuticals have been developed.


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