What you will discover

In this webinar you will learn of the application of NMR to the quality control of a common natural health product utilized for the treatment of diabetes and in clinical testing for preeclampsia. The modern day NMR spectrometer has evolved to enable the analysis of highly complex mixtures, including botanical material, and can provide information such as the botanical origin of the material, the identity and quantity of the components, and the material purity.  Through advances in automation, NMR is accessible to the non-traditional NMR user, including botanists, biologists, geneticists, and medical staff.

By taking advantage of the high compound specificity, high reproducibility, and absolute quantitative nature of NMR, herbal products and dietary supplements can be evaluated for identity, purity, strength and composition from a single experiment taking only 15 minutes or less.  Using a NMR spectrometer equipped with Assure-RMS software, dietary supplement producers and suppliers and agricultural scientists can customize the NMR spectrometer to perform fully automated analysis and reporting of their products to provide necessary testing results to ensure product consistency and quality within manufacturing specification and evaluation of agricultural practices.


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