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Software Downloads

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  • TopSpin for Windows, Linux and macOS
    TopSpin installation includes following products:

    • IconNMR
    • SmartDriveNMR
    • CMC-q
    • CMC-se
    • CMC assist
    • PotencyMR
    • FBS
    • TopSolids
    • BioTop
    • APSY
    • NMR-SIM

  • AssureNMR for Windows and Linux
  • Bruker Fusion-SV for Windows
  • Dynamics Center for Windows, Linux and MAC

        • Protein Dynamics
        • Time Domain Dynamics

      • InsightMR for Windows and Linux

        • InsightXpress (for PC)
        • InsightXpress (for Linux)

      • MICS support & upgrades

      Legacy software packages

      • AMIX for Windows and Linux
      • XWIN-NMR for Windows and Linux
      • XWIN-PLOT for Windows and Linux

      Generate License Code

      TopSpin processing software is free for academia and government institutions. And you can get an Evaluation license for the full Bruker Suite here (requires login/ quick registration).

      Free Academia license

      Free Evaluation license

      License Request

      Request NMR processing and acquisition licenses

      Request Form

      Latest versions of Bruker NMR software use the CodeMeter licensing system. We offer a possibility of a complimentary exchange of existing FlexLM licenses for corresponding CodeMeter license tickets.

      NMR License Exchange Form