Exchange of FLexLM licenses

Latest versions of Bruker NMR software use the CodeMeter licensing system. We offer a possibility of a complimentary exchange of existing FlexLM licenses for corresponding CodeMeter license tickets.
Please fill this form ( * marks required fields) and press the "Submit" button. The signed form should be sent to

The Host ID may be found in the FlexLM license file:

FEATURE PROTEIN_DYNAMIC2 bruker_ls 0.0 21-oct-2030 uncounted \
9B5EA0A1625F2248AE96 HOSTID=c48e8ffb4e77 ...........

License Type Number of licenses

Please note, that AMIX 3.0 and SBASE licenses cannot be ordered here , because these products do not support CodeMeter. For legacy licenses please go here:

License Type Number of licenses

After selecting 'Submit' your request will be displayed in a printable form which you can print out, sign, and send to Bruker.