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Customized assays

Self-immobilization Kit or Customer Kit empowers the end-user to create and run their own personalized multiplex assays. In case of the Customer Kit Bruker will spot customer antibodies in a well-controlled procedure on the biochips. The customer can choose biochip layout and has to provide the antibodies. In case of Self-immobilization Kit the customer can modify himself capture antibodies allowing site-specific immobilization of antibodies.



Benefits of customized assays

  • Convenient design of customized multiplex assays
  • Set-up  assay combinations using own antibodies and ready-to-use pBDi assays
  • Straightforward and easy workflow, similar to conventional pBDi workflow
  • Platform not limited to antibodies; compatible with proteins, peptides, carbohydrates, aptamers, DNA and RNA probes

Please consult our custom assay team to learn more about how our extensive assay design experience can be customized for your project needs.

PBDi customised assay