With a scanning infrared gas imaging system the target is displayed by a video or infrared camera. The operator chooses an area to investigate by selecting a frame in the target image. The scanning mirror sequentially scans the scene and the incoming infrared radiation is analysed in real time.

Each spectrum is processed with an automatic identification and quantification algorithm and the results are displayed on the live video and overlaid with a graphic of the hazard. This direct superimposed display allows simple assessment of the position, size and type of threat detected. SIGIS is robustly constructed for both mobile and static detection.

SIGIS Features

  • Long range detection & the highest optical throughput.
  • Lowest detection limits.
  • Automatic real‐time identification.
  • Large spectral library (TICs and CWA).
  • Image overlay allowing simple interpretation.
  • Complete documentation of measurement.
  • Automatic transmission of data to server, command centre or reach-back for further analysis.