DE tector 01

New Generation detection

Meets ECAC standard

This innovative third generation system has capabilities that far exceed current system designs. Its novel twin tube IMS facilitates the detection and identification of common explosives and narcotics, yet has the capability to be extended to accommodate new substances. At the heart of DE-tector is a single ionisation chamber that uses Bruker's field-proven, nonradioactive HEPI source.

The data shown on-screen can be limited to traffic light displays or opened up to dual polarity spectra series for detailed evaluation. Extensive documentation of measurement data allows complete retrieval of past measurement results. The System complies with the ECAC standard for passenger and baggage screening.  

DE-tector features

  • Leading sensitivity Improved resolution with an adjustable screen for all light conditions.
  • Non-radioactive IMS source.
  • Long life consumables.
  • Easy to use software.
  • Meets ECAC standard