Bruker’s Slim Stage and Bridge Stage provide a stage system that meets the configuration flexibility and performance requirements for tissue and small organism applications.  Applications on Ultima systems involving tissue slices, tissue explants or small organisms typically require a sample holder mounted on a stable platform that can be precisely translated in X and Y.

The low profile of the Slim Stage provides an exceptionally stable platform for studies incorporating electrophysiology, and the ¼ inch-20 mounting holes provide a convenient and flexible means of attaching micromanipulators and other positioning devices.

Slim Stage Specifications

  • 27 inch x 15 inch platform stage using cross roller bearings to move in X and Y with respect to the microscope
  • Travel range is 5.5 inches in X; 3 inches in Y
  • Movement precision is 0.16 micron with an accuracy of +/- 1 micron (bilateral repeatability)
Multiphoton stage schematic

The stage platform contains 1/4 - 20 mounting holes in a 1inch pattern across the surface for mounting apparatus such as micromanipulators. The centered rectangular cutout provides a mount for a variety of stage inserts.

Stage Performance

  • Travel in X direction: 140mm
  • Run-out in X direction: +/- 10um
  • Travel in Y direction: 75mm
  • Run-out in Y direction: +/- 4um
  • Precision: 0.16um
  • Accuracy: +/- 1um

Stage Inserts and Spacers

  • Insert for standard slide and petri dish
  • Insert for 35mm chamber
  • Insert to hold 50mm chambers
  • Insert to hold Warner Series - 20 perfusion chambers
  • Insert for Microplate
  • Insert to hold rectangular Siskiyou PC-series perfusion chambers
  • Insert for Siskyou PC-A adapter
  • Insert for L&N Heated Slice Mini chamber
  • Insert for 3-corner WPC platform
  • Insert for Bioptech FCS3
  • Spacer: 1/8 inch (3mm) Platform riser
  • Spacer: 1/2 inch (12.7mm) Platform riser
  • Spacer: 3/4 inch (19mm) Platform riser
  • Spacer: 11/8 inch (28.5mm) Platform riser

The Slim Stage/Bridge stage system can be used as a permanent installation on In Vitro systems, or as a flexible component on IntraVital systems that can be attached to the air table or easily removed for applications requiring an in vivo specimen mounting apparatus.

Bridge Stage

The Bridge Stage provides a stationary sample platform for IntraVital systems with a moving microscope base as well as providing a means to easily adjust sample platform height when used with a Low Profile Slim Stage.

Two photon Slim and Bridge stage

Bridge Stage Features:

  • Cutout for stage inserts (same as Slim Stage)
  • Magnetic surface for attaching devices with magnet fasteners
  • Quick release that allows for easy removal and replacement of the stage onto the IntraVital system
Table to stage top distance chart


The Multi-Axis mini-controller works in tandem with Prairie View software to control z-focus, as well as fine and coarse X-Y movements of Bruker stages.

Two photon multiAxis Controller