Sources, Beamsplitters, Detectors and Accessories

INVENIO R is readily prepared for multispectral range upgrades. Near IR, far IR or UV/VIS spectral range extensions require only the corresponding beamsplitters, detectors and sources. The innovative MultiTectTM detector technology allows for 5 room temperature or thermostabilized detectors, such as DTGS, InGaAs, Si diode and GaP, covering the entire spectral range. The RockSolidTM permanently aligned interferometer and internal beamsplitter storage positions enable easy and reliable beamsplitter exchange within seconds. Two internal source positions and two external input ports, both using the internal aperture wheel, can bear up to four software selectable sources. The 8 position filter wheel provides besides simultaneous MIR and NIR validation two more positions for customized optical filters.

INVENIO’s sample compartment provides sufficient space for almost any measurement accessory. The improved QuickLockTM accessory mount with lock and release button in front eases the insertion and fixation of also bulky sample devices. INVENIO R can be equipped with 3 software selectable exit ports for multiple external modules. The most frequently asked external accessories and modules for INVENIO are available and examples are listed below:

  • HYPERION series FTIR microscope
  • Micro and macro FPA imaging technology
  • RAM II FT-Raman and PL II photoluminescence module
  • TGA-FTIR coupling
  • PMA 50, Polarization Modulation Accessory for VCD and PM-IRRAS
  • External sample compartment (left and right)
  • Fiber optic coupling unit with fiber probe for solids and liquids
  • External integrating spheres
  • Liquid auto sampler
  • HTS-XT, High Throughput Screening eXTension
  • Variable external sample chamber for customized experiments
  • Air water interface reflection unit
  • And many more
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