Infrared Spectroscopy gets even better

INVENIO MultiTect CGI cross section detail

The INVENIO is packed with fascinating innovations. We believe the INVENIO is the universal solution to the most analytical problems, may they be industrial or purely scientific.

Steadfast interferometer.

The RockSolidTM interferometer is permanently aligned and resistant to vibration or thermal effects. Its wear-free pivot mechanism and high throughput design guarantee exceptional sensitivity, stability and reliability even in harsh environments.

The whole spectral range.

MultiTectTM technology allows for 5 room temperature or thermostabilized detectors such as DTGS, InGaAs, Si diode and GaP. Additionally, the DigiTectTM slot allows for the use of e.g. LN2 cooled detectors. The unit is software controlled and gives automated access to FIR, NIR and VIS/UV measurements.

Reliable sources.

CenterGlowTM is a Bruker technology that manages the source’s wearout and therefore assures optimum performance and prolongs its lifetime. Furthermore, two internal source positions and two external input ports are available, both using the internal aperture wheel.

Anytime upgradeability.

Every optional feature of the INVENIO can also be retrofitted later if your analytical needs change and you require new spectroscopic capabilities.

Full sampling flexibility.

The improved QuickLock accessory mount with lock and release button in front eases the insertion and fixation of also bulky sample devices. Additionally, the INVENIO can be equipped with 3 software selectable exit ports for multiple external modules: