SI BrickScan

Quantification of Interstitial Oxygen without preparation of thin samples


SiBrickScan allows for the analysis of interstitial Oxygen in Silicon ingots up to 500 mm length. This valuable information enables the optimization of the crystallization process as well as the qualification of individual ingots before sawing.

High Quality Calibration Directly Linked to ASTM/SEMI 1188


SBS Oxygen evaluation uses a calibration which is directly linked to/derived from ASTM/SEMI 1188. Since the correlation of both methods is almost perfect, the interstitial Oxygen concentration is evaluated with highest accuracy.

Highest Detection Sensitivity with SBS

Depending on sample shape and properties (e.g. resistance) SBS can achieve interstitial Oxygen detection limits < 2ppma (< 1017/cm3). If you are interested in feasibility test measurements, please contact your local Bruker representative.