TENSOR II covers all your needs for convenient routine QC/QA analysis. Moreover TENSOR II provides the performance needed for applications with a demand for highest measurement sensitivity - no matter which configuration is required. The almost unlimited variety of internal and external measurement accessories gives access to a multitude of advanced applications in industrial R&D and academic research.

Pharma and Life Science

  • Protein conformation and concentration (with CONFOCHECK)
  • Highly sensitive quantification of drugs and excipients in aqueous solution
  • Microorganism identification
  • Chemical imaging of biological tissue (with IR microscope HYPERION)
  • Determination of enantiomers (with VCD)
  • Investigation of lipid and protein monolayers at the air/water interface
  • Characterization of stability and volatile content of medical drug products by thermal analysis

Polymer and Chemical

  • Chemical imaging of inhomogeneous polymer materials and multilayer systems (with IR microscope HYPERION)
  • Determination of volatile compounds and characterization of decomposition processes by thermal analysis
  • Reaction monitoring under laboratory conditions (MIR fiber probe)

Surface Analysis

  • Detection and characterization of thin and monolayers
  • Characterization of corrosion processes
  • Investigation of the homogeneity of coatings by chemical imaging (with IR microscope HYPERION)

Building Materials

  • Characterization of brick materials by thermal analysis

Material Science

  • Determination of the emissivity of building materials
  • Characterization of optical materials (windows, mirrors)
  • Investigation of dark materials by PAS


  • Determination of oxygen and carbon content for quality control

Soil Analysis

  • Estimation of soil nutrients and organic matter
  • Soil characterization