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MPA - Multi Purpose Analyzer for various industries

The multitude of sampling modules and accessories make the MPA the ultimate FT-NIR solution for various types of industries.

FT-NIR spectroscopy has largely replaced a number of wet chemical analysis methods. It is a fast and precise tool for the non-destructive analysis of liquids, solids and paste-like materials, saving costs by reducing time and reagent use.

The MPA allows the analysis of large sample numbers quantities at the push of a button. Hence, it is an ideal tool to meet the requirements of the modern quality control laboratories.


Food and Feed Industry


The major application areas for the MPA in the food and feed industry include dairy and meat, beverages, edible oils, bakery ingredients and condiments as well as grains, seeds, feed and forage.

Pharmaceutical and Cosmetics Industry


Use FT-NIR to effectively and cost efficiently solve a huge variety of application tasks in the pharmaceutical and cosmetics industry, including raw material ID, tablet testing and monitoring drying or blending processes.

Chemical Industry


FT-NIR technology is widely used in a variety of chemical industries, including the petrochemical, polymer and paper industry. The high information content in NIR spectra, measured in only a few seconds, allows the simultaneous analysis of many different components and system parameters with high precision.