OPUS Spectroscopy Software

OPUS 7.5

Version 7.5 is the latest release of OPUS, the leading software for measurement, processing and evaluation of IR, NIR and Raman spectra. Besides many detail improvements for optimized work flow and convenience OPUS 7.5 includes several highlights.

  • Revised and strongly improved SEARCH Functionality for identification of unknown substances: including new and powerful mixture analysis algorithm, automated library subtraction for residual spectra and internet search.
  • New video-guided FT-Raman and Photoluminescence Measurement with all benefits of a wizard guided user interface and direct convenient access to important settings within the work flow.
  • Support of ONET Software for spectrometer networks.
  • New interleaved time-resolved (TRS) Acquisition Mode for VERTEX series spectrometers. Interleaved TRS spec- troscopy is a powerful approach for time resolved measurement of a certain class of repetitive experiments with extraordi- nary signal to noise ratio. Interleaved time resolved FT-IR spectroscopy is exclusively offered by Bruker.
  • Improved interactive Function to merge different spectral ranges with interactively definable overlap ranges and merge criteria.
  • Support of Oxford MercuryiTC Controller for temperature control of cryostat experiments via OPUS.
  • Improved Advanced ATR Correction with additional "black rubber" mode.
  • Detail Improvements of: Rapid-Scan method editor, Step-Scan interface, interactive spectra subtraction, multi evaluation framework, non-video assisted mapping measurement and more.
Revised and strongly improved SEARCH functionalityVideo guided FT-Raman measurement