OPUS-TOUCH software for intuitive and comfortable IR-analysis.


  • State-of-the art touch-controlled user interface
  • Analysis assistant for most efficient material verification and identification
  • Spectrum viewer with data evaluation and data processing functions for in-depth IR analysis
  • Self-adapting analysis report generator
  • Multiple language support
  • File-archive with smart data filter option
  • Adaptable user rights management
  • Comprehensive spectrometer status control

With OPUS-TOUCH typical quality control and material verification applications are performed using a dedicated workflow that requires a minimal number of steps from sample measurement to analysis report. Alternatively, advanced users have the option for performing a customized measurement with full flexibility.


The built-in spectra viewer offers the data evaluation and data processing functions which are needed for in-depth analysis of your IR data. Materials are verified by the Quick Compare spectra comparison method, that provides validated and unmistakable results. Spectrum search in commercial or your own libraries identifies any unknown sample. Components in complex materials are quantified using Quant 1 calibrations (Lambert-Beer). For spectrum characterization peak-picking can be applied on the original spectrum or its derivative, in case overlapping bands need to be separated.

All data, including manipulation and evaluation results, are stored in the built-in data archive. A self-adapting analysis report generates a perfect overview about your evaluation results.

OPUS-TOUCH provides an indicator that informs the user about the current overall system status. Detail info from the online diagnostics of all vital spectrometer components is shown in the device monitor. It also gives an overview about the validity of the spectrometer’s operational and performance qualification (OQ, PQ). If needed, the fully automated instrument test routines are directly started.