verTera THz extension

verTera THz extension

Different verTera versions:

The verTera extension is offered in three different versions that access different spectral regimes but all achieving the same unique spectral resolution of better than 0.0007 cm-1 (20 MHz). An overview about existing versions is given in the table below. The spectral range above the given upper limit can be covered without gap by the FTIR mode of the VERTEX 80v using room temperature components.

THz spectroscopy down to the limits without cryogenics:

Bolometers are well-proven high sensitivity THz detectors down to
5 cm-1 but the required liquid Helium adds costs, demands expertise and is in some regions not available at all. Alternative dry e.g. pulse tube cooled bolometers are rather costly, may cause harmful vibrations and require several hours cool down time. The verTera extension is ready at the push of a button, creates no nameable operation costs and can achieve a superior lower spectral limit and resolution.

Version Spectral Range Spectral Resolution
verTera-B 3 to 40 cm-1 (90 GHz to 1.2 THz) <0.0007 cm-1 (< 20 MHz)
verTera-BM 13 to 50 cm-1 (0.4 to 1.2 THz) <0.0007 cm-1 (< 20 MHz)
verTera-BS 27 to 60 cm-1 (0.8 to 1.2 THz) <0.0007 cm-1 (< 20 MHz)