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Deployment in an Instant

Deployment of the Arxspan cloud system is usually completed in days - which is why it is known in the industry as Instant ELN

Arxspan offers instant deployment for long term growth. A common concern about deploying an electronic laboratory notebook is the length of time it takes from signing a P/O to going live. With the Arxspan suite, it is possible to take only one day from purchase order to production. There is no budget creep associated with lengthy deployments. Everything is included in the subscription - there are no add-ons and no surprises.

Arxspan provides the first step to a comprehensive integrated data management solution: Everything you need today. Add value and flexibility for tomorrow.

By deploying a phased implementation, we mirror the way you bring drugs to market. At each stage on your journey from paper to an integrated data lab, you are safe in the knowledge you’ve achieved all requirements and that your solution is efficacious, before proceeding.

The scalable Arxspan solution is made up of individual product modules. With this approach, users can add capabilities as needed.

The Arxspan solution provides:

  • Instant flexibility

    • Future proof: adapt to the changes within a business

  • Instant returns

    • With 0 installation costs, free training and immediate deployment, start to see a positive return on investment immediately
    • No need to grab additional headcount to aid with the deployment
    • Intuitive interface and system that is easy to learn and use

Standard deployments of other cloud-based data management systems take up to nine months, and can cost up to $150,000. With Arxspan, you can be up and running in an instant at no extra cost.