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Going Paperless

Transitioning to an Electronic Cloud-Based Solution

When considering transitioning to an electronic cloud-based solution, concerns are prevalent: the cost of an electronic notebook (ELN) and the complexity of a system that requires significant IT resources to manage, for example. In reality, most paper-based companies are living in an inefficient hybrid world of paper and Excel.

These companies are typically struggling with:

  • Understanding what has been done before, and by who
  • Finding where someone else’s research is (especially if they are out of the office)
  • Reviewing multiple Excel spreadsheets that store results, registration, and inventory data
  • Locating information stored on shared hard drives or in emails

Most companies say that if an experiment was done 6 months ago, they probably can’t find it.
There are significant limitations to hard copy notebooks that become apparent when data must be searched, retrieved, or shared across departments and over the years for archival purposes. These limitations are further exacerbated as research at most organizations is now conducted around the globe within corporate laboratories or by Contract Research Organizations (CROs).

With the Arxspan system, scientific leaders can increase efficiency and effectiveness with centralized data.