Toxtyper LC-MS Ion Trap


Fast and comprehensive LC-MSn identification for drugs and drugs of abuse in clinical research and forensics

Toxtyper™ delivers a robust and automated research-based drug testing solution based on the latest LC-MSn ion trap technology, the amaZon speed. The Toxtyper provides a combination of the highest performance LC-MS/MS and easy-to-use identification with the greatest transferability of results from lab to lab.

The Toxtyper solution was developed to meet the needs of clinical research and forensic labs. The unique patented SmartFrag™ technology removes variation and the need for tuning from the MS/MS process. Data acquisition and post-processing is completely hidden by Compass OpenAccess, which provides a wizard for easy web-based access.

  • Unique and comprehensive library of over 830 compounds based on retention time, MS, MS2, and MS3 ion trap spectra
  • Full UHPLC-MSn screening method
  • Fast results within an 11 minute duty cycle
  • Ease-of-use by Compass OpenAccess sample management and fully automated reporting


"For research use only. Not for use in diagnostic procedures. Not available in every country. Please contact your local sales representative for more information."

Toxtyper Workflow