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The main performance characteristics of its novel system configuration and deep software integration are:

  • Split-free flow from single stroke piston pumps (1300µl)
  • Seamless 1 and 2 column operation
  • Pressure range 0-1000bar
  • Built-in quality control and scheduling of preventive maintenance
  • Gradient flow range: 50-2000nl/min with inline flow sensors
The complexity of the nanoElute’s built-in intelligence and applied chromatographic understanding is hidden behind a user interface that is intuitive and easy to use, but also powerful and flexible to operate.

Maintaining premium LCMS data quality is dependent upon having a reliable and robust separation system. One of the greatest challenges working with nanoflow UHPLC systems is to maintain a leak tight system at UHPLC pressure. Even nanoflow leak rates can cause significant shifts in retention time and disturb the analysis.

The system performance is maintained through 3 layers of protection:

  1. Automatic initialization, where the autosampler and pumps automatically run a preparation protocol before sample injection ensuring performance from the first to the last sample.
  2. Built-in scheduling of preventive maintenance jobs based on usage patterns and integrated system expertise where the software will suggest how to optimize continued system operation.
  3. Precise system diagnostics that automatically detects leaks and blockages and highlights them in the graphical user interface.

Tailor-made instrument methods are automatically generated using the Instant Expertise™ method editor, based on experimental mode, column selection and analysis time, delivering:

  • LC-MS/MS method with intelligent, self-optimizing LC separation for higher productivity and expert-caliber results the first time.
  • Optimal experimental conditions are automatically calculated from column type and sample characteristics to suit all proteomics samples
  • Chromatographic resolution is preserved for best simultaneous ID and Quant capabilities

Gradients can be readily modified but most other parameters are hidden although they can still be edited in “expert” mode.

The system is preconfigured with a standard layout and a novel valve solution to ensure ease-of-use and system stability. The unique valve design ensures that the user can execute three different types of experiments without hardware changes and software controlled flow paths exist for using a trap column, bypassing the trap column or doing direct infusion for fast analyses of simple samples

The unique valve design and novel instrument configuration enable:

  • Software controlled flow paths
  • Dynamic inclusion of trap column
  • Backflushing the sample for sharper peaks

New nano-columns and a unique back-flushable trap cartridge holder complement the instrument and are recognized by the Instant Expertise algoritm.

Compact and dedicated design with market proven autosampler and large volume, single stroke piston pumps support both:

  • Longer gradients
  • Wide flow range for efficient OMICS knowledge Generation

For Research Use Only. Not for Use in Clinical Diagnostic Procedures.