25 years of MALDI Innovations


25 years of knowledge, innovations, and precision

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In 1985, Franz Hillenkamp and Michael Karas described how they ionized alanine by irradiating an alanine-tryptophan mixture with a laser pulse. This matrix-assisted laser desorption ionization laid the foundation of a technology that opened new possibilities across science, from organic and polymer chemistry to proteomics, microbiology and drug development.

Bruker has been the market leader in MALDI since 1992, when we introduced our first MALDI-TOF system. Over the decades, we have built knowledge to evolve the technology, we pushed boundaries in its application, and we created a world-class family of instruments.

This year, we celebrate MALDI — the impact, the breakthroughs, the insights made and those to come.
Join us in this exciting anniversary! Learn about MALDI, our products and their innovative applications.

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