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MALDI-TOF MS Power for In-Depth Polymer Analysis

From routine QC to discovery and characterization, the autoflex maX MALDI-TOF and TOF/TOF systems offer versatility and reliability for the rapid analysis of challenging sample types. With a new 10 bit digitizer providing increased dynamic range, its analytical utility is maximized for detailed profiling of polymers, peptides, proteins, lipids, and glycans with minimal sample preparation.

More than 25 years of MALDI - proven technological innovations

autoflex maX

The autoflex maX MALDI systems are built with our proven technological innovations and designed to be a powerful tool for scientists, analytical chemists, and researchers around the world. Since the launch of our first commercially available MALDI-TOF MS system, the REFLEX, in 1992, we have continually worked to improve the analytical performance and capabilities of our flex family of MALDI TOF and TOF/TOF instruments. The early adopters of MALDI technology might never have imagined that enzymatic digests for identification via Peptide Mass Fingerprinting might lead way to LC-free, turn-key identity screens for the QC of complex biotherapeutics, with clear results (using our Biopharma Compass software) in less than 15 minutes, or that profiling of glycan pools can be used to rapidly visualize different mAb batches.

Sequence fidelity can be confirmed in a flash with MS/MS analyses, and the low sample consumption of the smartbeam II laser of the autoflex maX supports analytical depth, even for very complex samples.

Powerful smartbeam laser for in-depth analysis

The amenability of the smartbeam laser to a wide array of MALDI matrices offers ionization flexibility and analytical power. That flexibility can be critical for polymer analysis, as the diversity of polymeric substances that helps to make them invaluable to everyday life often pose a challenge for detection and characterization. Whether for industrial QC, impurity evaluation, or characterization of additives, the autoflex maX MALDI-TOF systems are fast and informative, particularly when used together with our PolyTools software.

Analysis of broad spectrum of molecules

All of our MALDI-TOF mass spectrometers can analyze ions over a wide m/z range, enabling analysis of a broad spectrum of molecules, from smaller molecules, for example lipids and peptides, up to polymers and intact proteins larger than 100 kDa. With our PAN panoramic focusing, peak resolution is maintained, and the new 10 bit digitizer of the autoflex maX enhances dynamic range for a more complete view of low abundance sample components. In MALDI MS imaging applications, this expansion of dynamic range can be invaluable for complex samples such as tissue, but also beneficial for all applications, including QC workflows, direct TLC-MALDI, and polymer characterization.

polymere analysis
Characterization of poly n-butylacrylates on the autoflex maX system.
MALDI-TOF spectrum of the poly n-butylacrylate synthesized in bulk at 100°C* illustrates the dynamic range of the autoflex maX system with signal intensities the range of three orders of magnitude. Both very low intense signals around 35 kDa and fine spectral detail in the low mass range (~3kDa) are clearly detected without saturation.

*Agirre, J. I. Santos, A. Etxeberria, V. Sauerland, J. R. Leiza, Polym. Chem., 2013, 4 (6), 2062 – 2079

With a laboratory-friendly footprint and the option to upgrade from TOF to TOF/TOF capabilities in the field, the autoflex maX offers true value and analytical versatility and continues Bruker’s legacy of providing innovative and realiable solutions for every laboratory.

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For Research Use Only. Not for Use in Clinical Diagnostic Procedures.