ImagePrep for tissue imaging

The new ImagePrep device provides highly reproducible sample preparations for MALDI Imaging with a fully automated, push-button process. At the same time, it enables excellent spectra quality at high image resolution of 50 micron.

New Technology: Vibrational Vaporization

In the ImagePrep station, a matrix aerosol is created by vibrational vaporization under controlled conditions that is gently deposited onto tissue sections. An average droplet size of  app ≅ 20 µm is generated, all droplet diameters are < 50 µm.

Reproducibility and Quality Control

An optical sensor monitors the light scattered from matrix crystals to control all relevant preparation parameters in real-time: deposition periods and intervals, matrix layer thickness, wetness, drying rate, etc. It enables active process control and ultimate reproducibility.

MALDI Molecular Imager Solution

The ImagePrep station completes the MALDI Molecular Imaging solution from Bruker consisting of a high performance MALDI-TOF/TOF system with smartbeam™ laser technology, flexImaging software, and an electrically conductive glass slide assembly, delivering full integration from data acquisition to image analysis and patented ClassImaging for classification of samples.

For Research Use Only. Not for Use in Clinical Diagnostic Procedures.