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Proteomics Data Analysis & Management

To overcome the growing complexity of proteomics experiments, Brukers bioinformatics platform, ProteinScape™, collects all your data and arranges it in a way that reflects the way you work. Customizable tables and viewers present the information such that the advanced data mining features help you get the maximum out of your data. Sophisticated reports help you efficiently communicate your findings. ProteinScape is the key to running successful proteomics projects.

ProteinScape Project Navigator
The project navigation tree logically reflects the experiment design (click to enlarge)
Identification Results ProteinScape
Investigation of identification results (in the Peptide and protein perspective), here from a 1D gel workflow
with Navigation Tree, gel image, protein and peptide table, Sequence Viewer, Survey viewer and spectrum (click to enlarge).

Proteomics Data Handling Made Easy

ProteinScape viewers enable fast and interactive evaluation and validation of proteomics data. Real-time updating of the linked displays speeds browsing and information management.

Gathering Proteomics Data

Glycopeptide Analysis

The investigation of glycopeptides is even more challenging than the analysis of single glycans since additional steps like detection of glycopeptide MS/ MS spectra in LC-MS/MS data and the determination of the peptide masses are required. ProteinScape meets these challenges in a unique way. Its effective combination of spectra classification algorithms, the determination of the masses of the peptide and glycan moieties and our integrated search engine makes it a must-have tool for the analysis of glycoproteins.




Selection of viewers for protein identification

Spectrum viewer View annotated spectra – with peptide and/or glycan fragments and/or raw data
Sequence viewer Shows peptides with brackets – indicating CID or ETD peptide fragments
LC-MS survey viewer Represents the outline of the MS data of a complete LC-MS/MS data set. Parent ions for MS/MS and raw data can be shown
Chromatogram viewer View extracted ion chromatograms for selected peptides
Gel viewer View a scanned 1D or 2D gel image, format annotations and export graphic files for documentation purposes
Sequence editor Modify protein sequences, for theoretical digest

Glycopeptide analysis tools: 

  • Automatic classification of glycopeptide spectra
  • Combined glycopeptide table
  • SpectrumViewer with glycan and peptide fragment annotation

For Research Use Only. Not for Use in Clinical Diagnostic Procedures.