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Client/Server based architecture

  • ProteinScape Server with a central server and five or more clients
  • ProteinScape Workstation, with the whole system installed on a single PC


Database management

  • User management with read/write access administration
  • Project-oriented data management Database structure reflecting laboratory workflow, including separation protocols, free text notes etc.


Protein database search features

  • ProteinExtractor - compilation of protein lists from different origins
  • Decoy validation
  • Automatic triggering of searches
  • Second-round searches
  • Support of different fragmentation types, e.g. CID, ETD, ECD, etc.
  • Automatic result assessment

Protein quantitation

  • Labelfree quantitation
  • Various isobaric and non-isobaric labels, e.g. SILAC
  • Alternatively augmented by 3rd party packages Skyline and MaxQuant


Advanced result processing

  • Export in different formats for seamless knowledge transfer
  • Simple and comparative queries for data mining


Interactive viewers

  • Gel viewer
  • LC-MS survey viewer
  • Spectrum viewer
  • Protein sequence viewer
  • 3D protein structure viewer
  • Glycan structure viewer
  • Quantitation statistics viewer
  • Venn diagram viewer
  • Chromatography Viewer
  • Sequence Editor
  • Histogram Viewer

Report Templates

  • Peptides and proteins: search parameters, ID results, quantitation results
  • Glycans and glycopeptides: search parameters, ID results
  • Publication-ready report generation


Glycan Analysis

  • Pre-search spectra classification
  • GlycoQuest glycan search engine
  • Linked result tables
  • Glycan-related viewers
  • Dedicated glycan queries and reports


Supported mass spectrometers

  • All Bruker MS systems
  • Thermo MS systems via dta, mgf
  • Waters MS systems via pkl, mgf
  • ABI MS systems via mgf

For Research Use Only. Not for Use in Clinical Diagnostic Procedures.