X-ray Micro CT, Software

Software for analysis and realistic visualization

2D / 3D Image Analysis

All SkyScan scanners are equipped with a software package for complete 2D and 3D quantitative analysis of reconstructed volumes from micro-CT scans, the program "CT-analyser", and software for realistic 3D visualization of scanned objects, the "CT-volume" program. These programs can run on the supplied workstation or on any of your laboratory's desktop or notebook computers.

SkyScan "CT-analyser" analyses micro-CT datasets for morphometry and densitometry. It is an intuitive and comprehensive environment for processing and analysis of datasets, accurately generating the quantitative data that is the final objective of micro-CT scanning and analysis.

Software, MicroCT
Software for analysis and realistic visualization

The reconstructed set of slices can be flexibly viewed in SkyScan's "Data Viewer" program. Images are displayed as a slice-by-slice movie or as three orthogonal sections, centered at any selected point inside the reconstructed space. Data Viewer also has a viewing mode with three intersecting orthogonal sections, which can be turned and each intersecting slice independently moved by simple mouse control.

Additional features include variable smoothing, saving interpolated datasets in saggital or coronal section, measuring and saving distances and intensity profiles. The format converter utility "T-conv" converts between TIFF, BMP and JPEG files with adjustment of colour palette, inversion, renaming, resizing and combining of datasets. A utility is also provided for conversion to DICOM 3 format.