Bruker e-scan beer analyzer

e-scan - Improving Flavour Stability with EPR

FlavorActiV and Bruker offer the Flavor Stability Package, by combining world-class beer sensory know-how with consistent tools and proven Bruker e-scan™ EPR technology.

Knowing how to maintain freshness through flavour stability remains one of the great obstacles that brewers would like to overcome.  Today a combination of taste panels, oxygen process meters, and SO testing are the most common methods to assess beer flavor stability.  However, none of these measurements allow brewers to understand rapidly how stages of the brewing process, new materials, plant design and operating procedures all impact flavor stability.

Bruker e-scan beer analyzer
Bruker e-scan beer analyzer

With over 100 Flavor Stability e-scan Beer-Analyzer EPR instruments already installed in breweries worldwide, there is clear evidence of their benefits for improving beer freshness and shelf-life.  The Flavor Stability Package delivers consistent calibrations, optimized reagents, operator training, process sampling know-how and alignment of shelf life panels with EPR results.  Ensuring beer freshness with the assistance of Bruker’s Flavor Stability Package is already delivering benefits for global breweries and generating considerable interest across the industry.

With over 20 years of experience in training taste panels to identify oxidation and predict shelf life, the FlavorActiV global team includes brewers and sensory experts , located in key markets providing fast, local and sustained best practice tools and support.  Together with Bruker, the market and performance leader in electron paramagnetic resonance (EPR), this new partnership is positioned to deliver measurable results for breweries wishing to improve flavor stability.

Key Features

  • Fully automated sample handling
  • Up to 20 samples per analysis
  • Unattended data acquisition
  • Automatic lag time calculation
  • Easy-to-learn Windows™ software