Applications in medical and pharmaceutical studies

A primary application is the spin trapping, identification and characterization of Reactive Oxygen Species. The e-scan spectrometer is also used to directly detect antioxidants following a reaction with a Reactive Oxygen Species.

Other medical and pharmeceutical appliations of the e-scan spectrometer include: Evaluation of the antiradical and antioxidant capability; Spin Label research (e.g. in pharmacokinetics); Mobility studies of membranes, proteins, bicells; 3D-structural information from double site directed spin labeling techniques.

Applications Areas

  • Free radicals
  • Spin labels and Spin-traps
  • Reactive Oxygen Spcies (ROS)
  • Reactive Nitrogen Species (RNS)
  • Antioxidant-derived free radicals
  • Transition metal complexes
2D Acquisition Capability
2D acquisition capability: microwave power saturation study
Probing Protein Mobility
Probing protein mobility and membrane dynamics with spin labels
Spin-trapping of ROS
Spin-trapping of ROS