Ultimate sensitivity in CW-EPR

SuperX: an ELEXSYS-II feature for the ultimate sensitivity in CW-EPR

The X-Band ELEXSYS-II instruments are equipped with the SuperX feature and the new signal processing unit (SPU). SuperX comprises a selected high-power, ultra-low-noise Dual Gunn source, and the super-high-Q cavity.
The combination of these devices has resulted in an order of magnitude increase in sensitivity for CW-EPR in X-band. For the traditional sensitivity measurement, we specify a weak-pitch signal-to-noise of 3000:1 for the E500 CW-EPR spectrometer.

The SPU is a highly integrated device taking care of all acquisition modes in modern CW-EPR. With a total of 8 signal input channels and various trigger modes, even experiments that are not part of the standard EPR repertoire can be mastered.


One demonstration of the improvement in sensitivity with the Super X system is shown here for spectra obtained from a metmyoglobin peroxyl radical in a standard cavity (left) and with the SuperX system (right). What appeared as a weak and uninformative spectrum with the standard cavity is a clear and well-resolved spectrum with the new SuperX system.