mm-wave EPR

World’s First Commercial Very High Frequency 263 GHz EPR Spectrometer

Bruker BioSpin offers the world’s first commercial mm-wave 263 GHz EPR spectrometer, ELEXSYS E780, representing a first step for Bruker’s EPR division into quasi-optical microwave technology. It incorporates a unique superconducting magnet that can be ramped up to 12T and is combined with new probe technology for optimum sensitivity, even on large samples up to 5 mm. Based on the well-proven Bruker ELEXSYS concept, it enables routine use of Very High Frequency EPR technology by research groups for the first time, delivering multiple turn-key operation modes including CW-EPR and Pulse-EPR, Pulse-ENDOR and Pulse-ELDOR.

ELEXSYS E780 quasi-optical front end
ELEXSYS E780 quasi-optical front end

ELEXSYS E780 is equipped with a quasi-optical front end featuring reflection and induction detection with safe and robust operation. The front-end is interfaced to a single mode resonator for highest sensitivity and to a non resonant probe featuring a larger diameter for samples up to 5 mm, both of which allow low temperature application down to 4 Kelvin. As with all other ELEXSYS systems, the E780 is driven by the proprietary Intermediate Frequency (IF) concept for optimum phase stability and pulse precision and runs the software package Xepr providing routine and assisted workflow.

Technical Information

  • 263 GHz operation frequency
  • Quasi optical front end
  • Reflection and induction mode
  • CW and FT operation
  • ELDOR channel
  • 20 mW power
  • Single mode resonator
  • Non-resonant probe
  • Sample temperature: 4 - 300 K
  • Cryogen-free magnet
    • 12 T main coil
    • 0.2 T sweep coil 

Image gallery


Single Shot Echo

  • E’ center in quartz
  • Non-resonant probe
  • Single shot echo
  • Pulse sequence 0.7 – 2 – 0.7 us
  • No “phase jumps”!
Mn(II) in CaO

Mn(II) in CaO

  • Dispersion (top) and Absorption (bottom)
  • sample volume 80?l
  • 0.2 mW microwave power
  • modulation: 1 G @ 100 kHz
TEMPOL in polystyrene

TEMPOL in polystyrene

  • 5 x 1015 spins
  • 2 mW microwave power
  • modulation: 10 G @ 100 kHz


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