Now is the time to boost your research with the benefits only digital EPR technology can provide

With our exclusive Upgrade Offers - new for 2014 - you can maximize your EPR spectrometer’s performance now at a special upgrade price.

As technology has evolved, digital upgrade pathways have been uniquely developed for our customers to keep them equipped to meet the demands of cutting-edge CW- and FT-EPR research.

Today's upgrades deliver significant improvements in:

  • Resolution
  • Usability
  • Stability
  • Tolerance
  • Sensitivity

End of Product Lifecycle - Early Upgrade Deal

Our highly successful long-standing first and second generation EMX and ELEXSYS systems will soon reach the end of their support lifecycle. We will no longer be able to source the original components that ensure their functioning.

As a result, we are giving our users the chance to upgrade their system early and enjoy an extra cost saving by trading-in your old EPR system components, for a limited period only.

Our exclusive promotion really gives you the chance to upgrade your instrumentation and upgrade your research thanks to a choice of Upgrade Pathways, free installation, and real peace of mind with a 12 month warranty.

What Can I Upgrade?

  • ELEXSYS transputer/OS9
  • EMX transputer
  • ESP

Offer available until 31 December 2019. Price offer upon request.

Too good to ignore?

Register your interest in a CW- or FT- upgrade now and your local EPR team will contact you with details of the offer and special package pricing.