EPR in Education

As a company driven by innovation, Bruker recognizes the importance of a broad chemical education, and the importance of not only exposing students to a broad range of analytical techniques but also of teaching students the role each plays in chemical analysis. To introduce the upcoming generation of scientists to this powerful technique, Bruker has developed the ideal EPR teaching package that includes an easy-to-use instrument together with a suite of practical experiments, instructional guides and an introduction to the basic theory of EPR spectroscopy.

EMXnano teaching package includes:

  • ƒƒEasy-to-use X-band continuous wave EMXnano benchtop spectrometer fully optimized for a magnetic resonance teaching environment
  • Introduction to the basic theory and practice of EPR spectroscopy
  • ƒƒReal life sample analysis in the classroom
  • ƒƒQuantitative EPR experiments
  • ƒƒSuite of principal experiments for teaching EPR data acquisition and processing skills (with full instructions)
  • ƒƒCollection of samples
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EPR in Education