EMXnano 77 K finger dewar

Liquid nitrogen finger dewar (77 K)

For particular applications, such as the detection of nitroxide (NO), the nitrogen finger dewar is the method of choice. The finger dewar minimizes sample preparation time and experimental set-up. The sample temperature is at 77 K.


Nitrogen variable temperature unit (100 - 500 K)

The Digital Temperature Control System makes use of liquid or gaseous nitrogen as coolant. The accessible temperature range is 100 K to 500 K. With the dewar insert holder, the dewar is mounted to the cavity. The sample is inserted into the quartz dewar. Sample exchange at any temperature is a standard feature of this system.

EMXnano desktop

Flow through cell

The flow through cell is designed for lossy and nonlossy samples and can be used with an autosampler.

UV irradiation unit

The UV Irradiation System provides the possibility for in-situ irradiation of the sample of interest in the microwave cavity. The main aim is to produce paramagnetic compounds via continuous light irradiation. The EMXnano UV system features a light pipe to sample cavity interface that assures high light transmission efficiency and compliance with international safety standards.

Flat cell for aqueous solution

Flat cells are used for liquids with dielectric loss to increase sample volume for optimum sensitivity. A dedicated holder assures quick and reproducible sample exchange.

Sample tubes and holders