Real Experiments meeting expectations

Resolution improvement in ELDOR

Resolution improvement in ELDOR detected NMR by a Gaussian high turning angle pulse.


EPR spectrum measured by FT of the chirped echo

An EPR spectrum of 100 G (280 MHz) width was measured by FT of the chirped echo. In this way measuring time is reduced drastically by the multiplex advantage. There is some amplitude reduction of the outer lines due to receiver bandwidth limitation but the achieved excitation bandwith can not be obtained by a single frequency pulse.


¹H HYSCORE of nitroxide spin probe

¹H HYSCORE of nitroxide spin probe: (right) 166 ns chirped (±113 MHz) inversion pulse and (left) 26 ns standard inversion pulse.


Inversion Pulses

The excitation bandwidth of the inversion pulses are indicated on the field sweep spectrum, red = chirped and blue = standard.