Reliably and reproducibly acquiring EPR data without the need of an expert

The Ease of CW-EPR and ENDOR

Xenon is the next generation EPR software solution and the answer for reliably and reproducibly acquiring EPR data without the need of an expert.

Xenon offers an alternative software solution for acquisition and processing for the EMX-line of spectrometers. Xenon is an optional software package offered as a replacement to WinAcquisit and WinEPR.

Xenon runs on a LINUX® workstation like its teammate Xepr from the ELEXSYS research platform. For the first time, one EPR software platform is in place from the routine research system EMXnano to the top-notch world-record ELEXSYS E500. This enables vertical cross-platform data acquisition and post-processing provided by Bruker's open-platform EPR spectrum data storage format, BES3T.

Endor Analsysis

Package Features:

  • SpinFit for spectrum simulation and fitting
  • SpinCount for concentration determination
  • Integrated acquisition and processing
  • Guided work flows for data analysis
  • Default parameters for free radicals and transition metals
  • Fault free resolution settings
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