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microESR – Electron Spin Resonance for Edible Oil Analysis

Rancidity of edible oil is a major problem in food related industries. It occurs during storage and is caused by oxidation of unsaturated fatty acids, resulting in foul odors and tastes in the final product.

Bruker has developed a benchtop electron spin resonance instrument and software solution specifically for measuring oxidation and shelf life in liquids. The combined system and SOP provide an easy work flow for measuring oxidation profiles in liquid samples. The key metrics such as induction time and end-point free radical concentration are automatically calculated.

Fast, accurate determination of oxidative resistance allows manufacturers to make timely, informed process control decisions.

  • Determine Oxidative resistance in as little as 30 minutes
  • Measures free radicals instead of end products
  • Includes SOP for sample preparation and analysis
  • Compact lightweight with very small footprint


To learn more download the application note

New SampleBench Automation

  • Specifically designed for the microESR
  • Provides automated, unattended use
  • Fully reproducible results