InsightXpress Technical Details

NMR System requirements

  • Windows 10, 7 or Linux running TopSpin 3.5 and above
  • AVANCE III console and newer
  • 5 mm RT- or Cryo-probe
  • Shielded Bruker Magnet

InsightMR Software

InsightMR software is a platform designed for the analysis of chemical processes by NMR. Integrated acquisition control and data processing features enable on-the-fly acquisition parameter adjustment based on real-time kinetic data.

  • A single interface for automated acquisition control and interactive data analysis.
  • On-the-fly acquisition parameters adjustment based on real-time kinetic data.
  • Straightforward experiment set up. Default kinetics parameters provided for both deuterated and non-deuterated solvents.
  • Rapid and effortless handling of hundreds of stacked spectra.
  • Supports acquisition, processing and analysis of series of 1Ds (different nuclei), interleaved experiments and multi samples in parallel.
  • Integrates Dynamics Center, TopSpin and IconNMR into one platform.

InsightXpress Unit

The system sits on top of the NMR system*. The flow-tube, connected to its transfer line is inserted into the magnet until it reaches the probe.

The pumps can be prepared for delivery before the acquisition with a few mouse clicks.

InsightMR™ software is now equipped with reparation experiments to automatically optimize NMR acquisition (e.g. solvent suppression and shimming). The injection of reagents and the start of the NMR acquisition is co-ordinated by a trigger pulse.

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