Parahydrogen pH2 Generator

Supporting new hyperpolarization research

The pH2 Generator is an instrument designed to enrich the content of parahydrogen of normal hydrogen gas. It is intended to be used for the generation of parahydrogen in a laboratory environment. An example of laboratory use of parahydrogen is for the production of hyperpolarised substrates for NMR spectroscopy or preclinical MRI.

The pH2 Generator integrates into a single metal cabinet the following components: a valve controlled gas routing system, a conversion chamber in a vacuum enclosure, a vacuum pump, a cryo-cooler, a closed loop secondary cooling system, and an electronic unit. The instrument is connected to the mains power supply and to a supply of high purity hydrogen gas.


  • Stand-alone cryogenic device for the enrichment of the parahydrogen content of hydrogen gas
  • Essential equipment for HIP and NH-PHIP hyperpolarisation experiments
  • Specially designed for continuous flow operation, crucial for infusion
  • MRI of hyperpolarised molecules
  • Fully automatic operation
  • Simple installation; no special services such as water cooling required
  • Delivered with an electrolytic source of H2 input gas for added safety and convenience