• Fits on almost any shielded Bruker magnet from 300 - 900 MHz (Contact your representative for more details)
  • Push-button operation for manual sample insertion and ejection directly at the instrument.
  • Compatible with all sample diameters from 1-10 mm
  • Works with all sample tube length (including Shigemi tubes)
  • Compatible with TopSpin™ and IconNMR™ software
  • Can be added to any modern NMR instrument equipped with AVANCE™ II or AVANCE™ III technology
  • Compatible with all Bruker room temperature and CryoProbes
  • Uses spinners for pneumatic transfer
  • The compressed air or nitrogen pressure requirement is standard: 5 bar and 100 normliter/min
  • System traffic light displays status
  • Vibration-free acquisition without RF interference
  • Quick installation by Bruker service personnel
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