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Reproducibility and removal of polar matrix constituents

SPE-NMR removes polar matrix components from the sample while moderately polar metabolites are quantitatively and reproducibly retained and eluted from the SPE cartridge after applying a dying step:


Statistical analysis of wine extracts

NMR and LC-MS data obtained from the combined use of the SamplePro SPE™, UPLC-TOF-MS and FoodScreener™ can be used for subsequent chemometric approaches as demonstrated below after processing NMR data of corvina and primitivo wines clearly showing differences in the aromatic region:


Structure elucidation of unknown marker

LC-SPE-NMR-MS can be used for the isolation and structure elucidation of marker differentiating between both grape varieties. After cleaning of the pre-isolated peak from a LC-time slice-SPE-NMR run, acquisition of all necessary NMR data and determination of the molecular formula, the structure can be generated with the use of the CMC-se software.