Increased Efficiency in Routine and Research NMR Applications

Easy-to-use, cost effective solution for medium-throughput automation in NMR routine and research applications

SampleXpress™ is Bruker’s new, easy-to-use, cost effective solution for medium-throughput automation in NMR routine and research applications. Its compact, exceptionally integrated design drastically reduces sample transfer distances, delivering exchange times of just a few seconds, making SampleXpress ideal for optimizing throughput in standard NMR service laboratories running 30-100 samples per day.

SampleXpress Lite

The entry system to NMR automation, SampleXpress Lite™ includes a carousel that can hold up to 16 samples and allows easy sample submission and convenient handling of experiments in batch mode. Very short delays between experiments and random access to the individual samples via ICON-NMR increase efficiency and flexibility within the analytical lab, even when only medium throughput is required.

In addition, efficiency is maximised thanks to interchangeable, easy-fill cassette modules that can be loaded off-system and in parallel with current experiments. The system is also equipped with integrated bar code reader for automatic sample identification. The product line also includes the SampleXpress Lite™, an affordable entry level system to NMR automation , that operates without bar code reader and touch panel.


  • Cost effective solution delivering increased NMR sample throughput and efficiency
  • Compact, integrated design for fast sample exchange, within seconds
  • Easy-to-use, interactive touchscreen panel
  • TopSpin software control
  • Automatic bar code sample identification
  • Interchangeable cassette modules that hold up to 60 samples
  • Fits all NMR tubes from 1 - 10 mm