The ultimate NMR research platform

Avance III HD How Bruker provides the fastest, best performing and most flexible NMR research spectrometer on the market

The AVANCE III HD represents the next generation in the very successful AVANCE series product line, which has established Bruker as the global technology and market leader in NMR.

The Avance III HD architecture is based on a forward-thinking electronics concept that delivers an unprecedented level of digital control, fast NMR, high speed spectroscopy, flexibility and exceptionally pure NMR frequency generation.  The AVANCE III spectrometer is designed around an advanced digital concept that provides an optimized pathway for highest speed RF generation and data acquisition with a highly modular and scalable transmitter and receiver channel architecture.

  • Patented Direct Digital Synthesis
  • One-chip RF generation
  • High-speed RF generation and data acquisition with minimum event time of 25 ns
  • Scalable transmitters and multiple receiver channels
  • High-dynamic range and digital resolution
  • Large-bandwith digital filtering
  • NMR Thermometer™
  • Allows parallel 1H/19F Experiments