Nitrogen Liquefier System

Ascend – Sustainable Benefits with Enhanced Convenience

BSNL Refrigeration Solutions

Due to their smaller size and weight, Ascend magnets consume significantly less Helium and Nitrogen, reducing operational costs compared to previous generations of magnets.

Further demonstrating our determined commitment to increased sustainability, and in response to customers’ concerns regarding the availability and rising price of cryogens, we have also developed innovative refrigeration solutions that eliminate N2 fills.


This additional feature maximizes convenience and system flexibility by enabling longer term experiments with no interruption, whilst lowering the cost of ownership without compromising on performance.

The BSNL is dedicated to systems equipped with a CryoProbe.

  • Eliminates or reduces the number of LN2 refills
  • Maximizes user convenience
  • Reduces cryogen maintenance costs
  • Increases flexibility for performing long term experiments
Ascend 600 BNL System
Ascend 600 with N2 fill eliminating technology