Nitrogen Liquefier System

Break Free from N2 Refills

The BSNL is dedicated to systems equipped with a CryoProbe, while the BNL has been developed for use with all other Bruker NMR systems.

The BSNL – Nitrogen Liquefier for NMR systems equipped with CryoProbes™

  • Efficient use of the extra cooling capacity of the CryoPlatform™
  • N2 liquefaction rate of 500 ml/hr
  • On-going liquefaction process even without the CryoProbe in use
  • BSNL uses the same CryoPlatformTM 4 which is installed as part of the CryoProbeTM system. No additional periodic maintenance is required
  • Available as an add-on to Bruker magnets 400–1000 MHz and CryoProbe accessory with CryoPlatform 4