TopSolids™ - Accelerated Workflow in Solid-State NMR

Automated spectrometer adjustment together with a comprehensive range of pre-defined protocols guarantees optimum spectral quality and high productivity for both expert and novice users

TopSolids™ is an intuitive, workflow-based software package for solid-state NMR that is especially designed to give an easy access into the delicate setup of probe hardware and difficult experiments dedicated to insoluble protein systems and solid samples, e.g. from pharmacy, catalysis, batteries or material science. 

Bruker’s second generation of this interactive user interface provides menu-based, automated setup and acquisition of the most advanced multinuclear multi-dimensional NMR experiments using a comprehensive library of protocols and an optimum of automated procedure.

TopSolids™ ensures robust, secure spectrometer and probe setup and guarantees unsurpassed spectral quality by combining optimized acquisition parameters with fine tuning on the actual research sample.

With TopSolids™ Bruker offers a high level of convenience to use one of the most important techniques for understanding the structure and dynamics of insoluble samples with least user interaction to overcome the necessity for extensive prior knowledge.

It is your key to unlock solid-state NMR - it has never been easier or faster!


TopSolids is integral part of TopSpin installation, which may be downloaded here.