General features

  • Intelligent handling of project and parameters
  • PDF parameter reporting, including information about multidimensional experiments
  • Parameter import from a previous TopSolids project 
  • Guided preparation of hardware settings (probe selection, reading a shim file, etc.) 
  • Safety checks to minimize risk of damage for probe and sample 
  • Queuing of multidimensional experiments
  • Uniform workflow

NMR System Requirement

  • Acquisition software TopSpin 3.5.6 (and newer)
  • Avance III or newer console
  • 4 mm or 3.2 mm solid-state NMR probe (whether SB/ WB, double/ triple resonance)
  • Recommended for protein applications: BCU cooling unit
  • Recommended for higher level of automation: MAS III unit

Features for probe setup/ maintenance

  • Probe setup within less than 30 minutes possible
  • Only two samples needed: KBr, adamantane
  • Automated determination of 1H and 13C hard pulses
  • Automated z shimming routine
  • Automated quality evaluation of magic angle adjustment and shimming
  • Automated spectral referencing
  • Useful for regular probe performance tests