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Non Uniform Sampling - A Novel High-Dimensionality and Fast Acquisition NMR Method in TopSpinTM 3.5

Non uniform sampling (NUS) techniques acquire only a subset of the data points of high dimensionality experiments and use novel reconstruction methods that ultimately allow the extraction of complete sets of chemical shift information. NUS is a fully integrated acquisition and processing feature of TopSpin 3.5.

Fast acquisition methods such as NUS and other seminal NMR methods, pulse programming and data analysis advances, together with GHz-class NMR sensitivity and spectral dispersion, are essential for increasingly automated, sequence-specific backbone and side chain resonance assignments of larger globular proteins, and their complexes, from chemical shift correlations determined by nD (n >= 4) NMR experiments. Fast high-dimensional methods such as NUS, projection spectroscopy and APSY methods are particularly needed for IDPs, or proteins with long intrinsically disordered regions (IDRs) due to the inherently lower spectral dispersion of many IDPs/IDRs.

Professor Vladislav Orekhov from the Swedish NMR Center at the University of Gothenburg said: “I am fascinated by the rapid progress in the theory and applications of novel signal acquisition and processing techniques that push boundaries of the dimensionality and resolution of NMR spectra, and permit real-time investigation of biological processes with atomic resolution. A combination of ultra-high field GHz magnets and non-uniform sampling techniques greatly enhances our capability to tackle challenging biomedical problems, including the characterization of large protein machines and intrinsically disordered proteins. I have no doubts we are witnessing the most striking development in this field!”

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