Standard Bore Imaging Probe

Micro 5

The micro-imaging probe Micro 5 has been developed for applications with standard bore magnets (52 mm ID) for the investigation of small objects with diameters of < 1 mm to max. 10 mm.

Gradient System

Bruker’s Streamline gradient technology provides excellent active shielding and high efficiency for X, Y, Z gradients of 300 G/cm at 60 A current. The very low resistance (< 0.2 Ohms) minimizes internal heat dissipation, and with water cooling very high duty cycles can be employed with switching times down to 50 µs. A built-in temperature sensor and security circuits guarantee for safe and reliable operation. The internal diameter of the gradient system is 19 mm, and excellent linearity is achieved over a large volume (15-mm diam. sphere) so that quantitative image analyses as well as precise diffusion experiments can be performed.

The probe features a modular construction with exchangeable rf-inserts of various designs and variable temperature operation and control. The Micro 5 has a removable gradient system and uses the same body and electronics as the Diff 30 probe.

RF Section

The probe body is equipped with two independent rf-channels. The exchangeable rf-inserts are mounted on ceramic bases and are offered as single- or double-tuned units in two basic forms (horizontal solenoid or vertical Helmholtz) with various diameters.

In addition Coil-on-a-Chip inserts are available for this probe.


The Micro 5 probe is typically used to study mineral or geologic samples, polymers, tablet dissolution kinetics, plants and seeds, bone or tissue biopsy samples, and small insects.

DIFF30 / DIFF50 Configurations

The Micro5 standard bore micro-imaging probe can be converted into a Diff30 standard bore z-diffusion probe or into a Diff50 wide bore z-diffusion probe, just by exchanging the plug in Micro5 gradient system ba a Diff30 or Diff50 gradient system. With the Diff30 configuration gradient strengths of up to 1800 G/cm are available. With the Diff50 configuration gradient strengths of up to 3000 G/cm are available.