MicroProbes (1mm TXI, 1.7mm TXI)

Small volume probes for Bio NMR Applications

Over the past few years there has been a significant growth in demand for miniaturization in all areas of modern research and development. Evoked by many exciting applications, there is a need for analytical methods which require smaller amounts of sample.


Bruker meets this challenge with a revolutionary NMR probe design: The 1mm (and 1.7mm) MicroProbe. It operates with disposable 1mm capillary sample tubes (resp. 1.7mm sample tube) and the sample volume of 5 (resp. 30) microliters enables use of the lowest amounts of sample to run all high resolution NMR experiments with outstanding sensitivity.
Due to the TXI-type probe design, the z-gradient coil and the automatic matching and tuning accessory, the 1mm MicroProbe can be used for a wide variety of NMR experiments.

The 1mm TXI MicroProbe offers the highest 1H mass sensitivity for RT probes which results in a up to 4 times higher mass sensitivity than 5mm conventional probes (with respect to the same sample amount). The 1.7mm TXI MicroProbe offers an optimal 1H and 13C mass sensitivity.



  • „„Excellent solvent suppression, with only a small amount of solvent in the active volume
  • „„Virtually no salt effect, due to the small tube  diameters
  • „„Very short pulses for all nuclei, opening up an exciting new range of applications
  • „„Discrete sample tubes:

    • Funnel for manual filling, or can be filled automatically
    • Cap to protect the sample
    • Automated sample identification with 2D matrix codes