Banner 111kHz CPMAS 07 mm probe

The requirements of magic angle spinning at very high spinning rates (> 100 kHz) lead to miniaturization of air bearing systems and turbines. The basic principles of gas turbines and bearing systems need to be adapted to the sub-mm range of dimensions, requiring novel manufacturing techniques for rotors, turbine caps, drive systems, and air bearings with an outstanding precision. For the user of such systems, new challenges of sample preparation and rotor handling arise. Automatic and semi-automatic regulation of air flow for sub-mm MAS systems must be addressed.

To reach and maintain stable MAS frequencies above 100 KHz, not only modern regulation hardware (MAS 3) needs to be available, but also super sonic conditions in air bearings and air drive need to be understood and controlled propely. In figure 2 an example of this supersonic drive flow can be seen.

111kHz CPMAS 07 mm probe